Happy Birthday Rita

Rita Hayworth was born on this date in 1918.

Let me try to explain why I am so fond of Rita Hayworth. Actually there is not another Old Hollywood celebrity I love more.

My mother was only sixteen when she came to Arkansas to meet my father's family. My aunts have always said the first time they saw her she looked just like Rita Hayworth. In fact I have pictures of  mama with softly waved, long auburn hair and full red rimmed lips just like Rita.  

Apparently, my parents had high regard for Miss Hayworth too because they named me after her. Thanks to Rita Hayworth's popularity, many girls born in the fifties were named Rita. Ann was favored for the middle name. Barbara Ann, Karen Ann, Janet Ann, etc. 

Rita Hayworth has been on my mind quite a bit lately. My mother in law passed away recently after a five year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. A quote attributed to Hayworth's daughter Yasmin Aga Khan described her mother as "still beautiful but just a shell" describes my mother in law as well.

Princess Yasmin honors her mother with her leadership and fund raising efforts for the Alzheimer's Association Galas throughout the country. Rita Hayworth Gala information can be found HERE

Two piece dance costume worn by Rita Hayworth in Gilda displayed on mannequin
Rita Hayworth Costume From "Gilda"
Jean Louis Designer
Sold for $161,000

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