Just Call Him Adrian

Whether sewn into an exquisite evening gown or into a classic suit, a label reading "Gowns by Adrian" indicates an industry mark of excellence.

Blue and Silver Dinner Dress by Gilbert Adrian displayed on dress form
Gilbert Adrian 1950-1955
©Metropolitan Museum
Gift in Memory of Reeva Zenker Lowe
Gilbert Adrian began his illustrious costuming career in 1925 for Paramount Studio's silent film "Cobra" starring Rudolph Valentino. Before his retirement from costume designing his "Costumes by Adrian" trademark was seen in over 250 films.

Emerald Green evening gown displayed on mannequin designed by Gilbert Adrian 1950
Gilbert Adrian Evening Gown 1950
©Metropolitan Museum
Gift in Memory of Reeva Zenker Lowe
Adrian, Ltd was founded in Beverly Hills, California with his couture fashions securing him a 1944 Coty Fashion Award.

Adrian was persuaded to return to Hollywood to design the costumes for the musical "Grand Hotel" and then for the Broadway production of "Camelot."

Gilbert Adrian suffered a fatal heart attack September 13, 1959 while preparing sketches for "Camelot."

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