Copyright Info

Copyright Information

Most of the images on Living In Fifties Fashion are in the public domain or have a creative commons license. The copyrighted photographs I have received permission to use are noted. I am very thankful for these pictures. I have requested permission to use many more and have yet to receive approval. I am still hopeful.

As a rule, 1950's magazine advertisements and publicity photos were not copyrighted as they were meant to be widely distributed.

I have not knowingly included any copyrighted advertisements, written word, or photographs without written permission gained from the owner. However, if you are a copyright owner and believe that any Living In Fifties Fashion content infringes upon your copyrights, you may advise me in writing.

Please ask before copying any content from Living In Fifties Fashion. If your site is in good taste and one that I would like to link with, I will probably let you have the photograph.

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