The Timeless Twinset

A timeless fifties' fashion staple is the classic sweater set. Sometimes called a twinset, the sweaters were frequently worn in the women's workplace. They were also seen on televisions programs and advertisements depicting the typical fifties' housewife duties.

Although the cardigan has been around since the 19th century, it was not until French fashion designer Coco Chanel paired a long jersey knit sweater with a jumper that the idea of a twinset was created.

Ad with model wearing orange sweater and cardigan for Lyle and Scott from 1950s
Lyle and Scott 1950s Sweater Twinset Ad
Lyle and Scott is a Scottish Knitwear Company Founded in 1874

Model in blue sweater set in ad for Timwear 1957 photo by Guy Arsac
Cashmere Twinwet by Timwear Ad
1957 Photo by Guy Arsac

Model wearing Sweater Twinset made of Orlon for 1955 Huddlespun Ad
Huddlespun Sweater Twinset Made of Orlon 1955 Ad

Traditionally knit with fibers such as cashmere wool, synthetic acrylics trademarked by DuPont as Orlon became popular in the fifties.

The term "sweater girl" was promoted in the 1940's and 1950's to describe Hollywood actresses who wore a tight fitting sweater and a bullet bra. While quite the fad, this sweater set was viewed by many as too provocative.

Portrait of Patti Page wearing tight sweater accenting bustline with bullet bra and worn with cardigan
Patti Page in Classic Twinset Worn with Bullet Bra
Wikipedia Commons
To add a little polish, pearls were frequently worn with a twinset. Sweater sets were also a popular home knitting project.

Model in red twinset sweater and pearls from 1950s Weldon's Knitwear
Weldon's Knitwear 1950's Twinset Worn With Pearls

Beads, sequins, and embroidery added detailing to these sweet sweater sets. 

Yellow sweater with beading from House of Dior 1950
House of Dior 1950's
©Metropolitan Museum
Gift of Mrs. Henry Rogers Benjamin

Black sweater with embroidery from Elsa Schiaparelli 1950s
Elsa Schiaparelli 1950's
©Metropolitan Museum
Gift of Joseph S. Simms

Patricia (l) and Geneviève (r) in knit twinsets from Korrigan-Lesur exclusively for Jacques Fath, 1954
Models in Knit Twinsets from Korrigan-Lesure
A Jacques Fath Exclusive 1954

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