Pillow Talk in a 1950's Peignoir

Pillow Talk premiered on this date in 1959. Rock Hudson and Doris Day star as party line linked foes in what was scandalously billed as a "Sparkling Sexcapade." 

Let me explain what was frustrating about the 1950's party lines. For telephone subscribers in primarily rural areas, the phone lines were "shared" by three or four "parties" or customers. The houses may have been miles apart but the lines were connected so that Mr. G could listen to Mrs. B's every conversation. 

Although fifties' rules of telephone etiquette suggests politely sharing the line, womanizer Rock Hudson's monopoly of the phone while serenading his bevy of beauties infuriates Doris Day. I will stop here as I want you to watch this delightful movie. 

Pillow Talk is awash with celebrated costume/fashion designer Jean Louis' exquisite late fifties' fashions. An earlier post on Mr. Louis can be read HERE

In the opening scene, perky interior designer Jan Morrow is shown wearing an ice blue, lace trimmed chemise while provocatively applying seamless nylon stockings.  The matching peignoir and open toe slippers were considered fifties' morning standard attire. Our page on Retro Lingerie can be seen HERE.

Rock Hudson and Tony Randall kissing Doris Day on the cheek at the premiere of Pillow Talk
Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall
October 7, 1959 Premiere of Pillow Talk
RKO Palace Theater in New York

Be sure to catch the lovely Doris Day in Pillow Talk.

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Lady Arabella victoria said...

"Pillow Talk is a cute film and Ms. Day wears lovely clothes. Thanks for reminding us about its charm.