Harzfeld's Department Store

Recognizing fashion conscious women's need to avoid lengthy dressmaker visits or long trips to fashion centers such as New York City, visionary retailers Siegmun Harzfeld and his business partner Ferdinand Siegel introduced high end ready to wear fashions to the women of the midwest city of Kansas City, Kansas.

Founded in 1891 as "Parisian Cloak Company" it became the largest department store of its kind West of New York. The name was changed to Harzfeld's in 1913.

1913 newspapar ad showing fashionably dressed women in front of the 13 floor Harzfeld's Department
Harzfeld's Parisian Inaugural Sale 1913

Mr. Harzfeld is quoted as saying, "My ambition has been to make Kansas City so much the best place to dress that it will no longer be necessary for the best dressed women in Kansas City to buy their clothing anywhere but in their own town." To provide this service to the women of Kansas City, he made biannual trips to New York for the latest Spring and Fall fashions.

At least six branch stores would open from 1929 and  1974. Before its closing in 1984, Harzfeld's would feature designs from fashion greats Christian Dior, Norman Norell, Adele Simpson, and Jean Louis.

1950s Harzfeld's ad feturing illustration of model in Dior Suit and Shoes
Harzfeld's Ad Featuring Dior Fashion

Harzfeld's ad from 1950s featuring model wearing Nettie Rubenstein dress
Harzfeld's Ad for Nettie Rubenstein Fashions

1950s ad for Harzfeld's featuring model in Adrian Dress
Harzfeld's Ad Featuring Adrian Fashions

Harzfeld's Ad for Margie Joy Dress
Harzfeld's Ad for Margie Joy Dress

Ad for Harzfeld's featuring model in Nettie Rubenstein Dress
Harzfeld's Ad for Nettie Rubenstein Fashions

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