Easter Textures

I have been remembering my Easter outfits. Although she did buy me a few outfits, my Oklahoma City Grandma usually made my Easter dresses. They always looked like they were store bought though.

I always got a new petticoat to wear with my new dress. I remember how scratchy the stiffly starched petticoats felt against my legs. The crinolines were the worst but I loved how I could twirl the dress out like a ballerina's tutu. 

Variety of 1950's Petticoats and Panties in Catalog Ad
1950's Petticoats and Panties Catalog Ad
Sometimes I would get new cotton panties with the days of the week embroidered on them. I was rarely able to keep a full set very long though. After a while, I didn't care if I wore Tuesday panties on Saturday.

I remember how the flocking on my dotted Swiss dress felt as I smoothed it down when I was at church. I liked dotted Swiss dresses the best but Grandma made a lot of my dresses out of a pastel cotton weave fabric.

Four little girls in Easter dresses for Hess Brothers 1955 The Easter Parade Girls' Dresses Ad
Hess Brothers 1955 The Easter Parade Girls' Dresses
My Easter bonnet was usually the fascinator type that bit sharply into my head like a hair band. Sometimes it had a ribbon tie or clips that held it snug across my head.

For everyday use I wore matching hair barrettes. Mama fastened them so tightly I thought they were digging into my scalp.

Vintage Barrette Collection
Vintage Barrette Collection
I still remember how my new patent leather shoes pinched my toes and the heel rigidly cupped my ankles. My new nylon socks were forever slipping into my shoes allowing the lace trim to tickle my legs.

Sundial Brand Patent Leather Shoe Ad
Sundial Brand Patent Leather Shoe Ad
I have several photographs of me and my brother and sister in our Easter finery but where they are is beyond me. If I find them, I'll post one.

Happy Easter to all.

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