The Passing of an Icon

I was saddened to hear of the death of one of the last true gentlemen in the fashion industry. Hubert de Givenchy was an iconic fifties' courturier known as much for his charm and sophistication as for his elegant and chic fashions.

Givenchy's four decades long career began in 1952 on the Rue Alfred de Vigny in Paris where his first show of "Separates" featured a white linen blouse with flounced sleeves and eyelet embroidery by Pierre Brivet.

It was modeled by Bettina Graziani and was worn with a skirt of Hurel gabardine. It is still known as the "Bettina Blouse."

Model Bettina Graziani in Hubert de Givenchy Blouse and Gabardine Skirt
Bettina Graziani in Hubert de Givenchy Blouse and Gabardine Skirt
February 2, 1952  ©Nat Farbman
Givenchy's more famous patrons included Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Grace of Monaco and Jacqueline Kennedy. However, it was his relationship with Audrey Hepburn that would transcend professionalism and forge a lifelong friendship.

Audrey Hepburn's Dress From 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's
Evening Gown of Black Italian Satin Designed by Hubert de Givenchy
In an interview with Dana Thomas of The New York Times, Givenchy reminisced about Ms. Hepburn, "When the telephone would ring in the studio, I would know it was her. I would answer, and she would say, "I know you are busy, but I want to send you a big kiss." and she would hang up. That was Audrey."

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Audrey Hepburn’s dress is so beautiful and timeless..could be worn today. Thank you